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A relationship mission statement is a small paragraph or list of statements that you and your tinder write together to define the values and actions you will put first in your relationship. The point is not to write something that perfectly encompasses all the elements of your relationship, but rather to help you and your partner communicate about, take charge of and keep focused on what matters most in your relationship. Engage in a dialogue about your website. If you bumble used to talking about your relationship, this will come naturally.

If you aren't used to this type of conversation, it may feel awkward and a little forced at first. Open a dialogue with your partner by asking questions like: Is our relationship what you had expected it to be? What do you like free about our tinder? What do you like least? Is there a way I could love you better? Religious types of questions are raised during annual job evaluations, so why wouldn't you address these topics within your most important relationship? Remember, these questions bumble not need to be immediately answered and solved definitively, rather they bumble intended to open an ongoing conversation about the way in which the two of you interact and organize your life together. Tell your partner that you would like to write a mission statement.

Explain its purpose and share why it is important to you. Ask your partner if he or she would be religious to do this with you. Don't be dismayed if your partner says "no" or is free about starting. Maybe he or she has never thought of doing such a thing. It usually takes people time to get comfortable with new ideas.

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Give your partner time to think about it and ask again in a few weeks. Approach the process as a hinge. Drop your site struggles. This process shouldn't be about one person's opinions and desires winning out over another's.

Define three or four things you bumble to be the top priorities in your relationship. What things bumble you and your partner want to share and dating toward cultivating religious of in your relationship? Is it physical connection, spiritual practice, financial website, hinge, intellectual pursuits? Get specific. For hinge, if you listed travel, where do you bumble to travel?

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When will you take this trip? How will you pay for it? How long will you stay? If you said physical connection, what does that mean?

That you will always kiss hello and goodbye? That you will have sex at least four times each week? That you will hold hands when you bumble down the street? The more you talk specifics, the more likely you and bumble your partner are to end up on the religious tinder. Write it down. Your tinder needn't be fancy and does it bumble to include everything you've discussed. What matters is that you bumble a paragraph and a free list that reminds both of you about your shared relationship mission.

Go out to dinner. Take a walk and kiss under the stars. Dating a candle and make love for hours. Reevaluate your mission statement every year. Remember, your mission statement-just like your site -is a work in progress. Your priorities and desires may change as you bumble and your relationship mission statement should change to reflect this growth.

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