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List of Territorial Banks That Issued 1902 Red Seal $100 Bills

We love territorial red seals, it doesn't matter the denomination, bank of issue, or condition. We have handled lots of them and always enjoy seeing new discoveries. As you might expect, a high denomination like $100 is very scarce. Only three of these are documented as existing today. That total is cumulative of all territorial banks in the country. Needless to say, these are quite valuable. Contact us if you would like to know how much yours is worth. Don't forget to check the serial number. Number 1 notes always sell for nice premiums.



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Bank NameStateCharter No.
The National Bank of Commerce of GuthrieOklahoma7299
The First National Bank of VerdenOklahoma8759
The City National Bank of WagonerOklahoma7628
The Oklahoma City National Bank of Oklahoma CityOklahoma6678
The First National Bank of Porto Rico At San JuanPorto Rico6484

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