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Rare $50 1882 Territory Bill from The Consolidated National Bank of Tucson, AZ

Bank Name:  The Consolidated National Bank of Tucson

State:  AZ – Arizona

Charter Number:  4287

Lifetime:  Operated 1890 to 1935 | Total Issue – $3,228,770

Series:  $50 – 1882 Brown Back National Banknote (Territorial)

Sheets Printed:  240

Value:  Call, Text, or Email For A Quote | Info@RareCurrency.com | 864-430-4020

Basic Design:

Rarity and Value:  Good luck finding many notes like this. Currently only two are known to exist. High denominations like this rarely show up any more these days. This will always be a rare national bank note. The value of any territorial is just based on its condition and the bank that printed it. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the value of your note. Don’t forget to check the serial number. Number 1 notes always sell for nice premiums.

Current Market Analysis:  There are basically two classes of notes from Arizona

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